Festival gear

If you are interested in our festival collections, we have lots of items that might fascinate you ranging from apparels, accessories, utilities etc. Everything we stand for is to promote the Jazz culture. Visit our page regularly to learn more about our products.

2019 Festival poster:

We have to a collection of artistic jazz posters which you would love to add to your home interior. Browse through a few collections which we have specially designed for you. We also have your favorite album cover posters from the best jazz artists around the world.


Check out our drawstrings backpacks, handmade bags and tote bags made from fine quality materials from Keswick Jazz Festival. They come in very beautiful designs and are very affordable. You can place your orders here for our bag collections


We also have a collection of Festival t-shirts, babies onesies, and other products from the festival that you would like to have. We have them in various colors and sizes.

Gift Voucher

We have various gift vouchers of any amount you need for purchasing festival tickets or gear. You can place your order on our website.


For tickets on various events that will be held by the festival, you can get them here. You can also what out for promos and discounts on ticket sales. We have sales for VIP and regular tickets. You can also purchase as many tickets for your friends and families.

Album Sales

For lovers of jazz music, we have an incredible collection of albums from the best bands around the world. If you want to buy an album, you can order on our website.

Main Sponsors

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For further inquiries on our festival events, gear or for contributions and suggestions, please contact us by filling our contact form or by sending us a mail. We will be happy to hear from you.