1) It comes from an interesting human story

You should know that there exist three universal languages of music. Specifically, they are classical music, rock as well as jazz music. The classics came from the church, rock was from post-world war II especially from the middle class while jazz descended from the underclass, from a group of slaves.

Most African Americans were abused and as at then denied human rights. All that happened during that time was just an opportunity for then go create great music. The jazz music was powerfully emotional, democratic and it was a kind of music that sent a message across the world.

2) Jazz music is both individual and collective Celebration.

Jazz embraces both individuals and group audience. The ability to play good music for the greater good is one distinct quality of jazz musicians. Jazz music has become what it is today as a result of the creative minds of great bands and soloists.

They are able to express themselves in an individual way and the history of the music is seen by the way each soloist handles his instrument. The music is also collective. Even though its collectiveness, you can still experience the individuality in the music.

3) Jazz is a Meritocracy

Jazz is not easy music, if anyone has told you that. It is hard and it takes a lot of hard work, passion as well as a commitment to creating such a beautiful sound. Just like every other type of music, jazz has a lot of artists that can make the music really bad.

It is always easy to know who has the talent for such music and those that are making a mess of it. They end up not being able to sustain a career in this field. It is mostly those with the talent and that is ready to work hard that eventually succeed.

4) Jazz is the broadest

Jazz grew from a combination of many elements to form great music. The music is always modern and very much appreciated. The instrumentals make it very rich. The five innovators of this music Armstrong, Parker, Ellington, Miles and Coltrane have brought about change to this music.

Jazz has always added modern elements and that is why it can still fit into the 21st century today. If you are a lover of swing, Afro-Cuban music, Brazilian music, electronica, blues, orchestral, funk etc., then you should know that there is always a place for these kinds of music in Jazz.

5) Jazz musicians love music

It might seem like the possible obvious but don’t be surprised if we say that many professional artists don’t live music. It can just be a matter of convenience to get on the stage and sing. Most artists are mostly interested in the craft of music than the music itself.

Jazz musicians, on the other hand, love to talk about music and dance just only play. They are always interested in hearing the music from the angle the audience is listening to them. So when a Jazz musician hears a song playing, he is asking in his head what are you working on.

6) Jazz has some of the greatest hits of all time

Let’s see, what is not to love about this great music. Here are some of the songs that made hits so far in jazz music:

• A Love Supreme', ‘ESP

• Bitches Brew

• The shape of Jazz To Come’

• Hot Fives’

• Black Brown and Beige

• ‘The Savoy Sessions

• Miles Ahead‘

• Blues and Roots

• Five By Monk By Five

• The Bridge

• Facing You

• Birds of Fire

• Mysterious Traveler

So are you now eager to get your headset on and enjoy a good musical meal of Jazz?