The Keswick Jazz Festival has been set up to give people an opportunity to appreciate the culture of jazz music and also to bring people together. We want people to experience music at its best from world-renowned artists all around the world that make jazz music as rich as it is today. We have yearly events that are designed to bring American and European superstars to compete with Britain’s celebrity jazz musicians.

There are over a hundred of these musical jazz events which we coordinate every year at different venues. Thanks to our sponsors that have made it possible for Keswick Jazz Festival to be heard about and their support which has sprung from their love of this beautiful music.

The Keswick Jazz Festival is an annual not for profit organization that runs community-based events organized by unpaid volunteers. We make sure to avoid making it a commercial event. The major activities we host are the Keswick Jazz Festival, the support we give to music education in schools around and we also promote scholarships of upcoming talents.

The vision of the organizers of the Keswick Jazz Festival is to ensure that we continue to create awareness about Jazz music not only to the United Kingdom but also to the world at large. It is our mission to promote musical arts and tourism to attract people to want to experience Jazz culture in the United Kingdom.

We are dedicated and passionate about Jazz music. We are always happy to give our support to musical education and most of the funds realized from the festival is used to promote our school of music. We also cover the costs of getting musical instruments to improve the quality of musical enlightenment in schools. We will continue to promote the culture of rich jazz music.

The door is always open for you to join us.